Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekly Works...

So...this is the craftiness of me. This past week I actually got finished with a knitting it normally doesn't take me too long to write about it...BUT right after I got it finished I started not just 1 project BUT 2 projects! WOW all I can say is WOW!
So I finished...
Aspen's Hara can find the pattern on Ravelry, here. I really like it...I need to do some adjusting in the back by the buttons. As well as make a matching headband for Aspen! I think as long as it fits her around she can wear it as a shirt. :) As the weather gets colder and it still fits I can see just layering with a shirt under and a pair of leggings.This yarn is the first kool-aid yarn that I ended up dyeing. :) I LOVE the change of color and the ability for it to be worn with lots of different stuff.
I'm currently working on...
I started doing a Ruffled Summer can find the pattern on Ravelry, here. This I'm going to try to finish it by April 29 for a SpringKAL contest put on by the designer of the pattern. :) This is getting knit up in the second kool-aid yarn that I ended up dyeing...I know you can't really see much of what it's going to look like from what I ended up knitting so far...but the top of the work is the top of the summer top. I'll keep you posted on the completion of this project. :)
I also started a skirt...with the yarn that I got from my wonderful mother-in-law. I think I posted about getting the yarn in the mail and then I ended up getting wrist tendonitis and couldn't knit for a while. This yarn is so fun to see the colorway change! I actually got this pattern from a their is no link to it!

On a side note...I won a giveaway from a facebook friend who has an Etsy...So I'm going to "feature" her and her store RIGHT now!
You can find The Adopt Shoppe on ETSY or Facebook.
She started making necklaces to pay for their daughter's adoption. They brought Mia home in August 2010. Now they're on the list to adopt again!!! So they're saving for this next one! Every dollar she make from this goes toward the next adoption. Isn't that a GREAT cause!!!
This is what I won!

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