Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Confession...the last one in May

So I'm joining in with Melissa at A Familiar Path for Saturday Confessions. I was going to put this on Saturday evening BUT my laptop decided that it didn't like me.
I'm going to "use" this as a blog to mainly show what we have done since I wrote last...I hope you don't mind.
Aspen LOVES baby food. And I also enjoy it because I have made it all for her! She really likes Sweet Potatoes! Which is funny cause really we don't eat them in our home. She also likes Butternut Squash. I'm going to try carrots next.
I'm really enjoying Early Access and what the tools they are using and the advice that they are sharing with me to expand Z's communication and interaction levels. I've noticed him spontaneously say words more and more. Although we still have a lot of things to figure out with him. I know that he is in God's hands and that God loves my son with all of his being.
I'm SO not ready for Aspen to be more on the move. She "thinks" that she can crawl...she get's her arms and legs all moving but then she ends up pushing herself backwards many of times. She loves to get REALLY high and look over stuff though. She does like to be free though which is so nice! She is also now 7 months old (as of last Wednesday)! YIKES!
I'm SO not a good potty training/learning momma! I thought I would be BUT I'm not. I don't know if Z's not ready (not understanding) or what...but he doesn't seem to understand the concept of going in his underwear. So that is a very "SLOW" process!
I'm VERY bad about posting regularly...I think I just need to come up with a topic and write on certain days and pre-program them to come to my blog!
Grandpa Tom & Grandma Jean came to Des Moines for a short visit...they came really to see Daniel O'Donnell in concert and figured that they would stay a little longer and see the grandkids...So on Friday we went up to Neil Smith Wildlife Refuge to see the Buffalo or Bison. We have been down a couple of times but this is the first time the Bison were semi-close to the road and the first time we went into the Learning Center. (which is in the background of this picture)
We ended up going to our second Iowa Cubs game and got to see Tyler Colvin play...they are wanting him to get LOTS of play time so he can get back into the rhythm that he had last year.
We are exactly 2 weeks away from our family being apart for 2 2 weeks (from yesterday) Rick will be flying to go to Alaska! and in 2 weeks (from today) the kids & I will be flying to Florida! I'm SO excited because not only to I get to be with my parents and youngest sister, I get to see my brother (from Texas) and my sister and her husband (from Georgia) It will be like a big huge PARTY!
Well I hope to be back tomorrow to blog as well...but you know how it is with with 2 kids 2 and younger...


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see if you can get the carrots to work. I have tried but never got them to do anything but dry up. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. :{ LOVE the pics of the cool. Where in FL are you going? We live in South Florida.

  2. florida should be fun! enjoy your vacation.


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