Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Day Cuteness 2011

So seeing that my brother (in-law) is in the Army. We have PLENTY of Army stuff to wear. So for this Memorial Day we (Rick, Z & Myself) had our Army shirts on. (Sorry no pics of all of Aspen ended up wearing a wonderful pillow-case dress made by an Army Wife. :) Aunt Caroline bought it for her. :)
It makes me remember that Army Wives is on tonight...
Alright back to my normal reason to blog. :) PICTURES!!!

Aspen Girl with her pretty dress and matching hair bow (BIG hair bow)

Z-man playing with his Chuggers while the others are napping.
Thanks for joining...have a great day. I'm almost done knitting up Aspen's Scrappy will follow soon there after.

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