Monday, June 6, 2011

Katrina's Baby Food

No I actually DON'T eat the baby food but I do make it for my baby to eat. I made it for Z and I make it for Aspen too!
Of course I haven't taken any pictures for you to see...So I will improvise and try to find them from the internet. :)

So far I have made Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash, Carrots, Pumpkin, Avocado, Peas...basically everything is done the same way. EXCEPT the Butternut Squash, Pumpkin and Avocado. So this is what I have done for everything except the squash and avocado.
1) Prepped my food - whether cleaning, pealing, cutting, or taking from the freezer.
2) Put the food in a pot with some water around it, and brought it to a boil.
3) Once brought to a boil then put the food down to a simmer
4) Put the food and some of the water in the food processor. (usually the liquid I cooked it in, always adding a little bit to it because I can't take the water out of it.) This is the processor that we have, I use the smallest one! I really like it! And use it for more than just baby food!
5) Checking often the constancy of the food as it was processed or pureed. This way you can easily check and see if you need to add more water to it. I always love this part because you can easily have it more or less runny depending on where you baby is on the eating scale.
6) I put the food in an ice cube tray to freeze.
7) Place frozen cubes in a zip lock container and label and put in freezer.

This is what I did for the Butternut Squash...
Step 1) Make the Squash as noted then go to previous steps 4-7. With the squash I didn't need to add a lot of water, because the squash was really juicy.

This is what I did for the Avocado...
Step 1) Cut the Avocado
Step 2) place in processor with some water
then go back up to step 6-7

This is what I did for the Pumpkin...seeing that I didn't buy an actual Pumpkin I used the pure can pumpkin.
1) I basically put the pumpkin with water in the processor
2) Got the right consistency
3) Put the food in the ice cube trays to freeze
4) put the cubes in a zip lock container and label
In the morning I picked what Aspen was going to eat, either only one food or mix and match foods into a bowl. This way by the time she needs the food it's already at room temp (or close to it) and I don't need to heat it up at all. In some of the food I made I actually added the baby oatmeal to the food processing that way I actually don't have to do ANYTHING when I pull the food out of the freezer.

Well...hope that helps!

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