Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday, Monday...

Well usually on Monday morning we have Early Access come to our house to play and interact with Z-Man...HOWEVER, Z-Man has been running a little low grade fever over the weekend and was not himself at all this morning. He was acting a little more "blah" than normal. Like he had a case of the Mondays. :)
Let me get back to Early Access...they (either a teacher or a speech pathologist) comes every week. Usually it's on a Monday unless a holiday falls on that day then they come on Tuesday. We have noticed that Z says more spontaneous words every day. He will answer simple questions. He really enjoys them coming and playing with him. He's still not saying all the words he should be saying or saying simple phrases BUT he is learning and growing. So we know that Early Access (EA) works. So EA is only for kids up to 3 years old...Z will be 3 in August. So most likely he will qualify to be entered into a special Preschool. SO we looked at the one that is closest to us and had a look around. He will have to do more tests but I think that will happen after we get back from Florida.
Some people ask me what EA does...well they come and really play. They have a HUGE canvas bag of toys. They do a lot of pictures and ask Z which one is the _______ question. Sometimes he mimics them and says the words but sometimes he spontaneously says the words. I know that EA is working for my son, I wish that I would of asked about it sooner so he can get the most of out this program that he can.
My words of advice for mothers of little boys, yes their speech might be slower and not as developed but follow those motherly instincts about asking for help.
Z-Man really doesn't feel well though...I'm hoping he's better by Wednesday (which isn't very long AT all!) to fly. We are doing breathing treatments for his wheezing which seems to be helping. When we do them...he is in complete control which is ANNOYING!!! Cause it takes forever for 1 treatment to get done.
Well...I must go! But I wanted to share about EA and the little Z-Man.

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