Monday, July 25, 2011

Aspen is 9 months!

I really can't believe that my baby has been on the "outside" world as long as she was inside of me.So...let me tell you about my Aspen girl!
She is working on 2, not 1 but 2, more teeth. She has 4 already through the surface. (Thus the fever, from the other day. At least that is what I think.) She does go in for her 9 month check up on Wednesday. So I will have the weight, height, measurements and the all good news.
Aspen is very laid back, independent baby. She goes to nap and bed on her own, you can rock her, but she most likely won't fall asleep on you.
She has taken her time crawling...just really started a couple days ago. She moves pretty fast when her brother, Z, leaves his food within reach or when she finds that little tiny piece of stuff on the floor.
She is a pretty good roller and still prefers what I call the Flop & Dive (where she gets up on all four and then flops forward or dives towards what she wants.)
She loves, Loves, LOVES music! She starts dancing and at church...I'm pretty sure she is in love with our Worship Pastor. She would for sure be the Vice-President of his fan club (the President would be his wife)
She ADORES her big brother (who is now starting to interact with her more and more, YEAH!). She thinks he's could do no wrong...but really we all know he can. I'm pretty sure they are going to get into enough trouble and Aspen is going to take the heat because she simply loves him. I'm loving the relationship that they are building and growing...and let me tell you it's hard to get a good picture of them interacting...but I'm trying!
Aspen loves to babble...She says "da-da-da" and when I try to get her to say "ma-ma" she just laughs at me and sticks out her tongue.
I'm pretty sure that she made her Dada cry today while we were Skyping and he was watching her crawl.
Well...more about her on Wednesday...along with more pics of her.

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  1. I'm glad Aspen is feeling better. I've always been told a fever that high is not teething, but a virus if it goes away and an infection if it doesn't. But, as long as it stopped and she's feeling better, that's great news! And that's so funny about her crawling after the food or for something teensy tiny on the floor :) 9 months is a fun age!


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