Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 DAYS!!!

10 days for what you might ask...
Well 10 days until Rick comes home for a little bit (and I mean a little bit)
I've been keeping myself and the kids busy.
Of course Early Assess comes every week to work with Z. I have seen SO much improvement with him. He now transitions better than he had before. He tries to talk to them, they say "what" and he says the exact same thing over again, even with hand movements. I'll be even more sad when it comes to him being 3, they stop coming. :( BUT in the start of September he WILL be going to preschool!My church does a mommy-toddler play date every week, it usually falls on a Wednesday. Since it's been nice out we either go to a wading pool or a park. Something that is free. Today it was a blast however, it's pretty warm out there, well what am I kidding we were in a heat advisory. (no pictures of that sorry)
Besides my church family, I also have another family that is the area, it's my DMU family (usually the families of the students not the students themselves.) The group is called Significant Others Support (SOS) I'm the vice-president this year and am busy getting stuff ready for the "new" significant others to come in. I'm in the knitting club and we have been meeting through the summer, this week it's at my house. :)
Today was Aspen's 9 month doctor appointment. I'm SO glad that it was this week, seeing that she had the fever and everything on Saturday. As well as the fact she ended up getting a rash, I first thought it was a heat rash because of how hot it has been. So she is progressing in her milestones, like hand/eye coordination, moving around, eating well (and different foods), the pincher grasp, etc. However she has only gained 1 pound since the last time we were in and yeah that was only 1 1/2 months ago (because we couldn't get in right away at her 6 month visit) and she hasn't gotten any taller...but she is happy, so the doctor isn't worried about that right now. BUT if she doesn't get bigger next time, then we will have to do some talking. So we have 3 months until her next appointment and then she'll be 1! YIKES! But today while I was discussing the fact that Aspen had a fever and now the rash...she was like I'm pretty sure it's Roseola, but I'll need to check and make sure about her ears and throat and such. After looking around, she was sure that it was Roseola, she even did a Strep test just to make sure it wasn't that. She said that most babies under 2 get it in some form or another, usually it might just be the fever and then a little rash but she said that her rash is text book and a lot of it is brought on by the heat we have been having.So there is the some pictures (which I have been awful about taking.)

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