Thursday, July 28, 2011

3 Things Thursday...

So here is what I'm Thankful for this Thursday!I am so thankful for Baby be Blessed. All of these are their creations. I won the pink lamb after Z was born (he was over a year old) as you see I hung on to it because either we would have a girl OR I would be able to hang onto for a little niece. We got Z the lion for Easter (not this past year but the year before) it has his full name on it plus Joshua 1:9 on. Just a little bit ago (little less than 3 months) I ended up winning a gift certificate (enough for a doll) plus seeing that I have a little girl...I had them specialize a doll, one with red hair (cause she has wonderful Strawberry Blonde hair), blue eyes, and her full name on it with a special verse on it for her. So BbB is a great company...if you need ANY doll or animal (they have certain ones) PLEASE contact them. This is my honest opinion on this company, I did not get ANYTHING "new" from this company from making this blog post. I'm SO thankful for the ability to knit...this is the newest creation on my knitting. NOPE not my own design BUT my own knitting ability. I love creating with fiber! I'm SO thankful for my ERGO carrier, especially seeing that Aspen is still not feeling all that great she wants to be close. Well...Aspen really just wants to be close to me over all. The ERGO saves my back and I get to be hands free. I actually got it 45% off on So if your a mom, mom-to-be, or has some GREAT deals (steals really) Tonight while I was making brownies (in the post for Friday) from scratch, Aspen wasn't happy with me so she road on my back in the Ergo. It's also great because I can wear Z on my back as well...and it feels pretty comfy. (Like I said before I'm not getting anything from this company in promoting their product.)
Although I wouldn't mind about any of the companies to got me something. ;)
I know that usually I do thankful things of my family...I really am thankful for my family. BUT these are other things I'm thankful for too. :)

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  1. Thank you Katrina!! You are the sweetest and looking forward to seeing some new pictures!! Have a fantastic day!!

    Much love!


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