Friday, September 16, 2011

'tis the little things

I'm joining with Lindsay at From the Aisle to Aloha! She is very talented PLUS she lives in HAWAII (at least for the time being.) Lindsay has a wonderful etsy store as well...check it out HERE!!! No really...go back to her store either NOW (but come back and read my blog) OR read my blog and go to her store later. :)
Ok...So this week we were kind of busy. Z's first FULL week of school. Monday at school...Z had a pretty hard day, I'm hoping that it's just case of being home for the weekend. But he finished the week strong and he started to actually use the bathroom there at the school! YEAH!!! I'm so proud of him! I also LOVE these little sheets of paper that tell me about his day.
I also was so happy when I opened up a package of Target brand diapers...and saw the size (as in a number) on the outside of the diaper. It used to be REALLY small and on the inside of the tab. SO when we have 2 kids in the same brand of diaper...SOMETIMES (when a certain person would put on the diapers) the kids would sometimes wear the wrong size...
During the change of seasons I love being able to wear hoodies...however it does some destruction for some of my families sinuses. So I'm so happy for...SUCTION!
I LOVE creating...these little pretties will be leggings for Aspen. (I just have to sew up the bottoms for a more finished look) I got them off of Target Clearance for $5.35...I just LOVE to create for my family and SO happy that I can do a bunch of different things; knit, repurpose, etc. that you read my should hop on over to Lindsay's BLOG AND Etsy Shop! In NO way am I getting anything for promoting her shop...I would like to get something from it EVENTUALLY...but first I need to have money for it. :)

I hope that you had a blessed week as well as a "resting" weekend a head of you! 

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