Monday, September 12, 2011

What's going on...

So due to my facebook & twitter updates about my husband's interview...people have been asking him what goes on next. SO I thought I would put it in one place for people to look and understand. NOW if you are in Medical School or you have been through this really don't have to read this post. You can, but it's mainly for those that don't know the process is. So this is how Rick's schooling went like at Des Moines University (DMU). DMU is a Osteopathic of Medicine Program...meaning it's a DO school.
Medical School - year 1 - lots of studying , lots of exams, studying, exams...etc. Summer--worked at DMU.
Medical School - year 2 - lots of studying, lots of exams, decided to see about getting the OMM (Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine) fellowship, studying, exams, getting the OMM fellowship, studying, exams, studying for the 1st step of boards, done with classes, studying for the 1st step of boards, taking the 1st step of boards, passing 1st step of boards.
Medical School - year 3 - onto rotations...working on figuring out what kind of doctor you want to be, what kind of doctor you don't want to be, figuring out what you want to specialize in, studying for step 2 of boards that you take at the end of the rotations and researching where you would like to do your Residency.
Medical School - year 4 & 5 - On Rick's OMM fellowship they have you on DMU campus for three 4 month time slots; Summer (May-August), Fall (August-Dec) or Spring (Jan-April). When you are at the campus you are working with the OMM doctors at the DMU clinic, teaching lectures to the 1st & 2nd years, assisting in labs to the 1st & 2nd years, doing some interview questions about OMM, doing your own research or projects, etc. SO when you are NOT on campus you are doing your rotations, studying for boards (the hands-on part in PA...ONLY for DO schools to do.), and doing interviews for Residency. In January the students and the residency programs put their final ranking in (like the Medical Schools and the students do for getting into Medical School) The way it looks like Rick is going to do it is to only apply for the Osteopathic Residency programs (which take DO) or the Dually-Accredited programs (which take DOs or MDs) MDs is what people usually think when they think of Doctors. We won't find out where Rick got matched to until Valentine's Day.
Did you want to know where about we hope to end up???
Orlando, FL (seeing that my family live nearby that would be AWESOME!) - this location has 2 programs in the same system that Rick is interested in...Family Medicine (FM) & the Integrated FM & OMM NMM (where Rick will dually boarded in FM and Neuro-muscular Medicine (NMM) thus he can teach at a school like DMU in the future)
Fayetteville, NC (this is a Dually-Accredited program) -- Praying we still hear back from these guys about Rick getting an interview! (Will you pray too!)
Sandusky, OH (just had his interview there...and Rick says it went really well)
Grand Junction, CO (this throws a little interesting mix to it...because this program is not part of the DO Match...SO we shall see if we want to do this one. BUT Rick has already interviewed here as well.)
IF you happen to have any questions please let me know by commenting and making sure I have a way to respond to you!
Thanks so much!

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