Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We are alive in Florida right now with my family. Rick is here in Florida for a conference and an interview for a Residency. So seeing that my parents live down here and it's been a while since the Grandparents have seen the kids...they wanted us to come down as well! We worked that out to make it happen. :)
We arrived Saturday evening. Sunday was church and the day of resting after traveling. Yesterday was rainy all morning...but we did find a mall play area to have Z run around.
Right now it's fun to see the way that Z loves his Aunt Becca and when she has a blanket on. He curls up next to her...it's pretty cute. I really like it! Z really likes it...not sure how Aunt Becca feels about it some of the times.
Aspen is pretty attached to me when I'm around...but when she doesn't see or hear me she seems to be doing good.
Rick has his interview for a residency down here tomorrow...that being said they are taking Rick & I out for dinner tonight as well as putting us up in a B&B tonight. THUS meaning it's my first night in a LONG time where I don't have ANY kids! It will be SO weird! Please pray for my parents, my kids and me...I think Rick will be ok with it (seeing that he has been without the kids overnight before.)
Sorry no pics...got other fun things planned for pics.

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