Thursday, November 17, 2011

One more week...

until Thanksgiving...
I don't know about you but I have SO much to be Thankful for. I don't even know where to I will think on that some more and make another blog post (probably on Thanksgiving Day) about it. :)
I'm sorry that I have been missing in blog land. Right now it has been crazy for us. We recently moved into another house (we are actually house sitting for a couple in Mexico) We have lots of room and it feels good to be in a house. Right after we "moved" our stuff out of the condo...we went to Florida (Rick had a conference and the kids and I tagged along to spend that time with my family) it was SO nice. We have been trying to get into the "routine" again but it makes it difficult when we moved and stuff like that. We are making it work.
Rick has 3 more residency interviews to do in the next couple weeks. Which is somewhat nice that they are spaced out but it's kind of hard on the kiddos when they see him and then he's gone...such is life.
Here is a list of some blogs I'm going to write this coming weeks...I find out if I put it on here...I actually follow through with it.
- Family Pictures as well as One Year Pictures of Aspen from my Friend Christia at Christia Palizzi Photography (if you are in the Des Moines Area and you need any pictures done...She is the one to do it! Let me know if you want her info)
- Family Vacation Photos and Recap
- The blessing of the "new" place.
- Crafty stuff that I've been doing
I tried twice to post pictures too...however it's not letting me and my stomach is getting I'm eating before I head off to knitting club.

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