Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A little of this & a little of that.

 So after talking to Rick and really thinking it over...we decided to not put up our little artificial tree. We are leaving for Florida in 13 days...and I want to make sure that all my stuff is put away before that. That way when I come back at the end of January I don't have to do it then. BUT I did want it to look light and colorful in the house.So lights are up and some decorations are's nice when I move from an apartment to a house...I really don't have a lot of Christmas stuff yet. I do miss putting up the ornaments though. We try and get a new one every year for us as a family and then for the I still think I need to get those. ;)
With Z in school I wanted to do something special for them. SO I wanted did a search on the world wide web and pinterest for ideas...There were some that were SO cute and then some that looked like a LOT of work. So I actually saw this and thought this was AMAZING. I found it first on Pinterest. Then got directed to Martha Stewart's page HERE! I thought it was LOVELY! SO...I went to the store got buttons (Christmas colors), ribbon in Christmas colors and wiring. I just had to find; scissors, pliers, a ruler, a lighter to take care of the fraying of the ribbon, and an eager son who wanted to help.
Here are my finished products. :)

I have enjoyed making them! Z didn't make any of these actually, he just kept putting the buttons on and taking them off. All well he had fun and so did I! What are your kids making for their teachers for presents? Leave me a link or something in the comments. :)

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