Saturday, December 3, 2011

One more sleep...

I have one more sleep until Rick comes home. He's been in North Carolina for 5ish days. He had two residency interviews. He also took the camera (thus the lack of pictures on the blog lately) SO when he comes home tomorrow I'll see if he can give me some pictures and a little timeline of what he did as well as what is in the future Medical School journey timeline.
I hope that you are enjoying December. My kids have destroyed the family off the blog I go and onto cleaning that way I can wake up to a clean house and Rick can come home to a clean house...and we can just spend time together as a family! Maybe we will put up some Christmas decorations...If you end up reading this...can you take part in my poll by leaving a comment. :)
So it's already the 2nd of 17ish days we are leaving for a road trip to poll is ---
Do I put up a Christmas tree even though it's only going to be up for that long (I want to take all the decorations downs before we go)
Or do I just put up the little decorations I have and maybe get some more lights up around...just so I can have the feeling of the lights up.
SO -- Yes to the tree only for 17 days or No. Also give a reason why you chose that answer. :)

Thanks for reading...
fine print - in no way do I have to choose the poll answers unless it is actually what I want to do. :)

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