Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankful Lists...#4

So this is the last one of my Thankful Series...It's going to be a catch all one. So the things I have missed from the previous posts will end up in here.
So from the previous posts I'm going to bullet point what I have wrote down already...
~ I'm Thankful for a God who loves me
~ I'm Thankful for my family
~ I'm Thankful for my friends
~ I'm Thankful for my Church
~ I'm Thankful for my ability to create
~ I'm Thankful for a house over my head
~ I'm Thankful for Des Moines University and my Significant Others' Support family...
~ I'm Thankful for Essential Bodywear (my job)
~ I'm Thankful for sports (to watch it and to play them)
~ I'm Thankful for technology
~ I'm Thankful for blogging

So it seems like I have already told you a lot of the things I'm thankful for...I'm sure like what else can she be thankful for. BUT I am SO blessed I just can't help but share more with you.
~ I'm Thankful for this Christmas Season coming...I'm wanting to set up certain traditions with my family. However since we really haven't been at the same place for Christmas...it's just hard. I don't want to set up something and then have to move it with us when we go to family for more celebrations. What certain traditions can I establish or think about when we are traveling.
~ I'm Thankful for the ability to be a mom who can stay home with my children. I love being able to be the sole provider for my kids!
~ I'm Thankful for Ezekiel going to preschool four mornings a week. I believe that it's the best thing for him to continue his learning process. There are for sure that some days are worse than others, with him not transitioning well but that is bound to happen...come on he's 3.
~ I'm Thankful for music...I love to have it play around the house. It's pretty easy to be in a good mood when I have music on. I enjoy it when I'm cleaning, when we are eating dinner, when we have people over, when driving to from place to place, and many others.
~ I'm Thankful for you guys...some of you I know personally (physically) and others I know personally (by reading your blog and you commenting). It really touches my heart when I see my post views and actually see that people are reading my posts. :) It also really makes my heart "skip a beat" when I actually get a comment on my page (can you do that more please?)
~ I'm Thankful for the ability to be an American, I'm Thankful for all the people; past and present who make that possible. I'm Thankful for the freedom (that I over look quite a bit I'm sure) that so many people and their families have sacrificed so I can enjoy that. I'm Thankful for the ability to Worship a God who loves me out in the open (meaning not hiding for fear of my life).
~ I'm Thankful for my love of reading...sometimes it's a love/hate relationship. Where as I get done reading a book and can't make it to the library for a new book (I know OLD school with reading REAL books) IF anyone wants the ability to surprise me for Christmas, I would LOVE a NEW Amazon Kindle Fire. :)  

Well again I'm sorry for no pictures...there probably won't be any other pics on here for a while (Rick is in North Carolina for 2 interviews for residency and he has the camera) With that said...I'm with the kids being a "solo" mother until Saturday. (Which is totally a piece of cake seeing that it's not weeks...it's only days) But I need to go get some much needed sleep. Thanks for reading...Please leave a comment!

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