Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful #3

So even though it's after Thanksgiving...I'm still thankful and not finished with my Thankful Series you can check out them Here #1 and Here #2 so on to my Thankful #3...
~ I'm thankful for Des Moines University...Medical School is hard for anyone, let alone a growing family. I'm thankful that DMU has a group from Significant Others, where I can have friends who are going through the "same" thing as I am as a mother of young children...we are there to listen to each other and learn keys for supporting your student and being there for other families. DMU also has LOTS of family friendly events...such as a Harvest Family time (welcoming dressing up), Thanksgiving Day meal (which we have went to for the past 3 years), an Easter Egg Hunt, and a lot more activities that I am forgetting. I'm just very happy for the ability to have a "family" that knows what we are going through the hard process of Medical School.
~ I'm thankful for Essential job "outside yet inside" my home. I also love the way EBW products fit everyone seamlessly! IF you would like to know more about or selling (they are still doing a ROCKIN' way to earn money with only paying the shipping for your kit!)
~ I'm thankful for sports...I like being able to watch them either live or on tv and I also like to play most of them. I also like the ability to watch the rival games (The Michigan vs The Ohio State game is on right now...)
~ I'm thankful for technology...the fact that I can call or text my family is very nice! the fact that we can skype so my kiddos their grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. the fact that I can connect with friends over facebook.
~ I'm thankful for blogging...the way I can be "myself" and just write. Along with the way I can win lots of really cool things from other giveaways on blogs...I TRULY love it!
Sorry no pictures...

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