Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful #2

Continuing with my miniature Thankful Series...
~ I'm thankful for a roof over my head. We are very grateful for a wonderful couple who is allowing us to stay in their home. It is wonderful for our family to "spread" out...all of our sleeping stuff is on the 2nd floor, all of our living stuff (family, play, dinning, kitchen, etc) is on the main level and then laundry and sewing room in the basement. It's so nice for my children to have their "own" sleeping area.

~ I'm thankful for the ability to create...I love the ability to knit hats for my baby niece (who is yet to be born), the ability to knit a blanket for my baby nephew (who is yet to be born), the ability to knit hats for a wonderful teenager who just had a tumor removed and who is about to face chemo and radiation treatment (please pray for her, her family and her medical team) the ability to create memories with the gift of photography, and SO much more. I'm loving that God created me to create memories with my family and create gifts for family and friends.
 One of Aspen's winter hat
 Aspen's Shrug...just need to add buttons
A "Denver Broncos" custom hat that I'm doing for an auction.

~ I'm thankful for my church. I go to The Gateway Church in downtown Des Moines. This past Sunday we had a worship night. It was very amazing! There are a LOT of musicians and songwriters at our church. A Worship CD was actually is a little bit about it HERE. You should check it out.

I'm very happy about doing this...You can check out #1 series HERE! Will you please join me in making a thankful comment on my blog about what you are Thankful for OR if you are a blogger and you do a post...let me know I would love to read it!

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