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Yes there will be a giveaway on this blog! However you have to read how I met this talented wonderful woman and a little bit about her, her shop, and stuff! Then there is a little guidelines to be able to win this giveaway too...but you guys are smart and you can follow instructions.
I met this talented woman through a familiar friend on facebook. My friend just recently adopted their daughter. It's a small world...I saw that she "like" her stores facebook page. So I looked at it and immediately FELL in LOVE!!!
 So how about I introduce to Kate from The Adopt Shoppe on Etsy. (Her beautiful kids are above!)
"I am Kate. I am a blessed mother and wife. My husband and I lost 2 baby boys before we had our 2 biological children. We could not have any more children. Through the miracle of adoption, we are blessed to have another daughter and we are in the process of adopting again!! I opened my little shop to help pay for our adoption expenses. Every penny of profit goes toward our adoption(s).
I am passionate about orphans and try to do everything I can for them. Whether it is a child in Africa, on the other side of the world, in a homeless shelter, or foster care system here in America, there is no difference. These children in need {through no fault of their own} need the ORDINARY people in this world {like me and you} to give them help to change their world for the better. We can't change the whole world by helping just one, but the whole world for that one...CHANGES.
There is also a message behind my work. I hope what I make is inspiring to you! I try to design each wooden tile necklace to be a "billboard for your heart". Thank you so much for stopping by my little shop!!"
Here is some of her work-woman ship.

I actually won one of these in a facebook giveaway once...I get TONS of compliments on it.
This is what you have a chance to WIN!
The Adopt Shoppe is honored to share the story of remarkable women in Uganda who hand make these beads from recycled paper. The women carefully roll strips of magazines by hand into lovely, unique and earthy looking beads. Prior to learning how to make these beads, most of the women "picked trash" or turned to prostitution to provide for their children. Most of us have a hard time even imagining such a life. Can you fathom if YOU, your WIFE, your MOTHER, your SISTER, or even your DAUGHTER had to sell her own body into prostitution to provide the most BASIC necessities for yourself or your children? By purchasing these necklaces, you help a mother earn a sustainable income to provide for her family. You also help our family bring our child home. It is a beautiful, full circle story of the body of Christ.
{ WHY we sell these }
We are adopting a baby from Taiwan! ALL proceeds go towards our adoption! We also wanted to do something beyond ourselves. We wanted to help others too. By purchasing these necklaces, you help us with our adoption AND help a courageous woman in Uganda provide the very basic necessities for her family.
{ details }
*I order these beads directly from Uganda.
*This necklace is approximately 36" long.
*You tie it to fasten it--allowing you to wear it long or short!!
*Made from Uganda paper beads, glass beads and super soft, shiny, delightfully wrinkled ribbon.
*Silver tag attached that says "HAND MADE WITH LOVE".
*PERFECT for layering when you purchase more than one!!!"

HERE is the guide lines for the giveaway...
1~You have to be a follower of my blog here at Pics, Pages & Purls. You can follow with Google Friend Connect at the bottom of the post. (Please leave me a comment telling me so)
2~You have to "like" The Adopt Shoppe on Facebook...HERE! Please leave me another comment telling me you did that.

For additional ways to win...
3~You can go to The Adopt Shoppe on Etsy...HERE and please comment back and tell me IF you had ALL the money in the world what thing would you order and why?
4~You can blog, tweet or share on facebook about this giveaway...please comment back (for any of them that you did) and tell me that you did that and where can I find it.  (Meaning you can blog, tweet and share and get 3 additional entries)
5~You can go to Kate's blog at Exceedingly Blessed and become a follower there, just leave me comment and let me know.

SO here is a recap; you MUST do 1 & 2 to be entered into the giveaway. And you can do 3, 4 & 5 for additional ways to get your name in the mix. :)
THIS giveaway is open to people in the United States and the winner will be chosen by on Saturday the 25th (so please check back then...the winner has to comment me in 24 hours with an address (or meeting place for local bloggers) if they haven't reached me than another winner will be announced on Monday the 27th...

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