Saturday, February 18, 2012


That I'm blogging again!
So I am announcing something...BUT I wanted to not announce it right away. :) Aren't I mean!
A while back I wrote when Rick graduates he said that he was going to get me a nice digital slr. SO We ended up getting our tax return and we talked about it and looked at the prices and such. We also did a pro/con list and decided that we probably wouldn't have the money before graduation (and I would like to use it for graduation...) SO seeing that I have that wonderful canon rebel (in my header, from my is also a Film camera SO that is a little dated BUT still works WONDERFULLY!) it also came with 2 different lenses...SO I thought I would just need a body. But looking at the cameras that came with a lens it was a size that I didn't have! We checked out prices and found THIS beauty!!! I also have a Target Red card (just the debit kind so it comes straight from my checking account so I ended up getting 5% off of it too!!! Of course I ended up playing with it right away. I'm glad that I have some time to play with before graduation and we are so thrilled to be adding to our family. :)
I just hope that with all my knitting projects going on (I have 4 different projects going right now...more on that later), a new camera, enjoying reading on my kindle fire (that I got after Christmas), transitioning from here (in Iowa) to there (Florida) long distance my kids don't feel neglected...JUST kidding!!!
Here are some things about the you don't feel like I am neglecting them. Although I have no new pics to put on here...because I haven't had time to download them. :)
Ezekiel is saying more words and doing transitions a better at school. We are so pleased because both of us would love to have a conversation with our son at some point in time.
Aspen is walking more and more...and doing it on her own free will. (Before it felt like we were forcing her to walk) It's so cute when she walks she gets faster at the end and then just falls into arms or the place she wanted to be at.

 This is Z showing Grammy what old brick building to go in next when we were down in Florida looking at the lighthouse.
Aspen LOVES her new tea set that she got for Christmas...we have a tea party EVERY day!!!

SO I hope to be back with more pics and more blog posts...however...I have 2 young kids so I only blog when they are occupied and right now Monster's Inc. is on and both kids LOVE it!

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