Friday, February 17, 2012


So...I have walked down the long tunnel of being on pinterest. (I've actually been on it for a while...but just now writing about it) IF you have time to kill you should totally be on it! However if you don't have time to kill then...I'm not sure I can promote it because you will look at the clock and be still on it hours later.
BUT I ended up wanting to make Valentine's Day stuff for Z's teachers and friends at school. SO I went on there and found GREAT ideas!
Such as these Crayon Hearts which we made for Z's classmates. I used heart ice cube trays that I got at Target (in the dollar section) I got 4 boxes of crayons and took off the paper, broke them, put them in the trays, put the tray in the oven and let the crayons melt, cool the melted hearts and took out of tray, put 2 in a little snack bag with a little note that read..."Have a happy valentine's day for "crayon" out loud. -Ezekiel" took to school!

I also found these wonderful Sugar Scrubs which I made for Z's teachers. I went to the local Cambell's Nutrition, I ended up getting coconut oil, safflower oil, almond oil, brown & white sugar, along with essential oils (which were Lavender, Mint and Chai) I made 2 different scrubs for Z's school teachers Lavender Mint along with Dark Chocolate Souffle. It turned out wonderfully!
I'm actually thinking about what new scrubs I can make! Along with making lotion. While I was making stuff I ended up making some lip balm which I got from here. I've had a lovely time making stuff. As well as KNOWING what I put into my gifts.

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