Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Match Day!

Match Day (which was today) was a SUCCESS!!! Rick ended up getting his first choice!
He's pretty much in awe about that he still got into this stellar program. (which I will explain more about in another post...when I can form better words about it.)
BUT it does look like will be living in Orlando! So we will be able to...
...be close to my parents during the "wonderful" intern year (first year of Residency)
...be able to wear our Chaco sandals ALL year long!
...be able to visit the beach (often!)
...be able to get frequent tickets to Disney and/or Sea World!
...be able to visit Grandpa Tom & Grandma Jean in the mountains and maybe be there when it snows...so we don't forget what it looks like ;)
...be able to have a WHOLE other adventure for 4 years.

Tonight our great friends volunteered their evening to watch our kids so we could go out...SO we took them up on it! We had a great time! It was like a Match Day/Valentine's Day celebration all in one!
What a GREAT Match Day for us! I do know of others that weren't able to match and are waiting for the MD match...I'm praying and pulling for ya'll.
Sorry there is no pics...but I'm not sure how to put pics into this post...

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