Sunday, February 12, 2012


I have LOTS of thoughts going on in my head right now.  A lot of them have to do with what is going on tomorrow. Which is the DO Match. Match day is what happens students that are in their last year of Medical School find out where they will be doing Residency.
Rick and I (although it was mainly his choice) sat down back when he was in his third year of school and looked at possible places he would like to do Residency...the number has changed since then. I wanted him to go to a good program where he would be able to learn and grow in his Doctor skills. Rick really wanted me to be able to be near or closer to my family so that I could have their support during this time. So slowly but surely we started looking more toward those areas. This last fall, Rick did interviews for the different programs. Since then a couple of those places got taken off the list as well. At the end of January, Rick than put in his final rank order. Sometime the Residency programs put in there rank order...and tomorrow is the day we find out where the computer matched Rick. Thus it's Match day. (Again at least of the Osteopathic Residency programs)
So tomorrow at 11:00 am Rick will be getting on the site and getting an e-mail about the match. The Residency program will be sending out a contract that needs to be signed and then sent back. We are hoping that we are matched and don't have to do the scramble portion...meaning we will get a list of residency programs that didn't fill the spots that they have and then you "scramble" to try to find a spot on the program. During this point we can either try to get into a full fledged residency OR try for a transitional year (meaning we will have to do the match process all over again the next year) We still don't actually know what we are going to do at this point in time on that.
So my thoughts are...
...will we get matched? I ready to find new friends? I ready to find a new place to live? I ready to transition into a different church? I ready to be the wife of an intern?

I'm sure there are more thoughts in my head...but I'm having a hard time putting them into word format for the blog.
Tomorrow night I will post again. I'm still not sure if I'm actually going to put where we are going to be moving to, or whether I'll put Matched or something like that. My family didn't do Christmas cards this I was thinking that is how we would do our official announcement. BUT I'm still not 100% on that.
However I do promise that I will write more often...although through the rest of today and tomorrow...I would appreciate any prayers, positive thoughts, etc...that come come our families way.

Just because I don't want to be lame, I'm going to put some pics of the kids up...because THEY are cute!
Daddy and Aspen having a Tea Party (which he have like EVERYDAY with her!)
Ezekiel all bundled up waving to me inside as he went out to play while Daddy was shoveling after our big snow storm

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