Monday, January 30, 2012

It's been a while...

...sorry about that.
But I'm back. :)
We have been back in Iowa from Florida for over a week now.
We were really nervous about Z back in school. BUT he had really great days! He actually did quite well in our Bible Study (he was quiet, well mannered, played with toys quietly, etc.)
Aspen has been working on her walking skills (she won't do it without a finger or a walking toy) and she is working on quite a few teeth in there. :) She is enjoying having her own room, where her brother doesn't wake her up.
Rick is on vacation right now, which is nice, he helps by taking Z to school and helping around the house. :) He put in his Residency choices the other day. We will now in a couple weeks if a match happened and if he has to scramble or not.
I have been busy reading on my new Kindle Fire and knitting. Along with doing a 90-Day Challenge called Body by Vi. Along with meal planning, laundry, cleaning, organizing our stuff (soon), and then playing games and reading books with the kids and Rick.

Sorry no pictures in this the next post is all going to be about Florida and what happened and such.

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