Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

This past weekend we went to Saylorville Lake for the Eagle Watch. I can't believe that Eagles from Canada and some of the more northern states come to Iowa for the winter. It's been like the tropics here for the winter. Got to see some mature Bald Eagles and some immature Bald Eagles.
 I love to see them soar in the sky.

I really can't believe they sit on the ice near the open water and fish.
This is Thora, she is an education Bald Eagle. She was found with Lead Poisoning and she can not see very well...THUS she used for educational purposes.  
 Here is a young Red Tail Hawk, who (they think) was "raised" by humans (or at least fed) So it will not be able to be on it's own (because it doesn't have the urge to "hunt")
We also saw 2 owls being released that day...Here is one who is sticking around and enjoying being the object of many photo ops. 

I have enjoyed the new camera...maybe next time I'll actually post some pictures of the kiddos.

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