Thursday, March 1, 2012

High - Low Thursday!

It feels weird to do this so early in the day...BUT I've got about 15 minutes right now. So here is my High/Low's broken down in the day and week...
For Today- (Thursday)

High- It's Thursday meaning it's KNITTING club!
       - It's going to be warm out today (or warmer...)
       - It's March meaning 3 months until we are in Florida (it's going to be a low too.

Low- It's March meaning I have 3 months to get everything sorted and packed and as MUCH play dates as I can in with our friends here in Des Moines
       - I have a couple loads of laundry ready to get folded and a couple other loads of laundry ready to get washed, dried and folded and all of it to be put away...

For the Week -

High- My nephew was welcomed into the world on the 28th!
        - I'm getting so much knitting done! Meaning I haven't had a whole lot of wrist pain lately (It's still there...but not as bad as it' used to be!)
        - Z can hear (he passed his hearing test yesterday!)
        - Aspen is walking all over the place!

Low - That I haven't been able to hold my nephew! OR seen my growing niece (who was born in December)
       Actually I think that is all I have that is kind of low...YEAH!
 Aspen girl...looking up at me trying to get the new camera
Z eating his lunch..."I think I have some nutella right there."
I hope that you have a had a good week...and that you are looking forward to the weekend!

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