Saturday, March 3, 2012

Favorites of my week...

here is a list of my favorites this week...
...TV Shows - Usually we DVR a lot and then watch stuff with out the commercials, But this week I really liked ~The Voice, ~Last Man Standing, I also watch a lot of Little Einstein's both Zeke and Aspen really like them. So it's on I like it but it's not my favorite. :)
...Books - Right now on my Kindle Fire I'm reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. So far it's really good! I have "rented" it from the Library via my Kindle Fire, so there is a due date and everything. HOPEFULLY I can get it finished before it's due (there is a waiting list for it!)
...Knitting Projects - Right now I have 4 projects going right now...I'm working on my Easy Ruffle Sweater, my Vintage Maplehurst Wrap (that one is almost done), a new born Chevron Baby hat (not for any one specifically...just getting used to a new pattern) and a couple of mitered squares for a baby blanket.
...Music - I'm listening to a lot of different types of music and I don't have any favorites that jump out to me this week though...BUT I do love my Pandora app on my Kindle Fire because I can listen to whatever station I want to listen to (Zac Brown Band, Adele, Sanctus Real, or if I need to relax then I go for Jim Brickman)
...Moment - one of my favorite moments this week was when I was driving the van and the kids were in there seats (Aspen is rear facing still...because #1 she's little and #2 because it's safer!) I heard some laughter from the kids...I look back and they are holding hands and laughing! GREAT moments I tried to take a picture BUT I was driving SO unsafe and then when I got to a light to take a picture they stopped doing it!
...Picture (these are pictures of my nephew-Tank and niece- Tink) I wish I could be there and hold them. Also sorry their not my kids! 

...Food - Tastefully Simple Beer Bread...SO YUMMY! One loaf just came out of the oven because we are having people come over :) 
...Drink - Chai Tea Lattes (iced), Water & Diet Pepsi
Well...I must be going we are having people over later today AND I need to finish getting the house ready as well as myself. What are a couple of your favorites (leave comment...please!)

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