Monday, March 5, 2012


While I'm trying to figure out what all needs to get done around here...and what needs to get done down in Florida. I'm making a list with countdowns...that way I can have some guidelines of sorts. Some of it has NO conjunction with moving what so ever...
Daylight Savings Time will happen on Sunday March 11th (just for those that need to Spring you are)
Rick leaves for a 2 week rotation down in Florida with the Pediatrician that my mom works for on the 18th of March. Hopefully he will be able to talk to someone about where we should live when we get down to Florida.
Zeke doesn't have school because of Spring Break from the 15th-23rd...IF you are in the Des Moines area let's get together!
Hosting a crafting club on the 23rd (at least that is the date I think)
HOPEFULLY it will get warmer here and I'll be able to get the kids outside and me cleaning out the garage phase 1...Sort clothes for either selling, packing or tossing.
Rick will be home for 2 weeks at the beginning of April, I have some stuff for SOS as well as some stuff for our church...then we are all hopefully off to Colorado for 2 weeks. 
When we get back (it will be May or close to it)'s packing phase 2! meaning MORE cleaning and sorting into piles.
May will be the final countdown to Rick's Graduation, Zeke's end of his 1st year at preschool (so I will need to establish by that time...someone I can talk to about his schooling for the fall in Florida), Aspen will be turning 18 months during that time...and will have her last doctor's appt here at the DMU clinic (I know nothing really big for her but it's something) We will also have a garage sell during May sometime...getting rid of our winter gear and other items we don't want to move. :)
Moving will happen and I will be ready by Memorial Day Weekend!
Also to put on the countdown but I don't have specifics on times will be -- Some Iowa Cubs games, Tulip Time in Pella, fun with our friends here in Des Moines, etc.
Well...sorry for no's time for me to get off the computer and clean up after lunch...and HOPEFULLY get at least 1 kid (hopefully 2) down for nap time!

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