Sunday, March 25, 2012

8 days down...4 more to go!

So I've been pretty busy these past couple days...too busy to blog.
After today is down it will be 8 days that Rick has been in Florida searching for a place for us to stay when we move there, he's been there on a rotation (a very relaxed rotation), he's been with my family, and he's been working on a project for a doctor. He comes back this week! On Friday! I'm so excited!!!
I have done some awesome stuff.
On Friday, I hosted the SOS craft club. We made these ribbon message boards. The ladies brought their own fabric and ribbon...and I provided the rest for a minimal cost. Which is a board, quilt batting and embroider tacks.  Later that evening, I got the ability to see The Brilliance and Gungor in concert at the beautiful Hoyt Sherman Place. I sold some merchandise SO I was able to get in FREE! So that was pretty awesome. I also took my new camera so I was able to take some pictures. However I didn't use my some are a little dark. So I'm only posting my favorites. 
 Hoyt Sherman Place

They did these signs and walked us through the themes of the songs of the concert. Seeing that I love to create...these ones spoke to me!

On Saturday, the kids and I took our time to get up and ready. We spent time outside and both kids took naps at the SAME time! I was able to clean out the car, knit and read! From Wednesday night to Saturday night our family hosted an incoming Des Moines University family (he's an incoming student in the fall and she will be a very supportive spouse!) So they stayed at the house with us and they wanted to take us out to dinner. So we went to Mustards for some BBQ. They then got on the road after that and they are SO full of information for what place for them to stay at when they get here in Des Moines. After the kids and I got back home, we watched The Ohio State Buckeyes win! We are in the Final Four! YAHOO! Then it was bath time and bed time. I was able to decompress from having people here and gearing up for a new week.
Today...the kids and I went to church. I truly love the church we go to and that is going to be bittersweet about leaving Des Moines. Aspen is napping. Zeke and I are watching the race right now. I'm of course blogging but knitting is on deck ready to go. I'm also working on the laundry...I must get down there and switch the loads. This is what is on deck for the week...
Zeke back to school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning.
Blank Park Zoo on Friday with some friends from church after we pick Zeke up at school and before we pick up Rick from the airport.
Playing outside in the back yard.
Amongst other things...just don't have anything set up yet.

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