Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Rick got home on Friday early I'm not a solo mama anymore! YEAH!
The weekend was kind of busy.
~we enjoyed each other as a family
~we went to Pella and got some pictures of the tulips starting to blossom and bloom.
~I had a quilting ministry meeting from church for a couple hours (Rick watched the sleeping kids)
~we had a birthday party to go to
~we greeted at church
~we all took afternoon naps!
~skyped with Grandpa Tom & Grandma Jean
I promise when I'm not busy hustling after the kids, knitting, sewing, taking pictures, enjoying the beautiful weather...or prepping for this wonderful Easter weekend. I will be back on here to blog as well as to post pictures of different items.
So until will just have to wait...unless you comment tons and tons THEN maybe I'll be more obliged to blog. ;) MEANING comment and tell me what you would like to hear from me next. :)

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