Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Odds-n-Ends Wednesday

So I figured this was an easy fill in with odds and ends that I have been up to.
Wednesdays are days that Ezekiel doesn't have preschool. Usually we try to go to a park or a mall play place with the ladies from church. However, I recently read that Hand, Foot & Mouth is going around...SO we are having a movie Wednesday.
I have decided to go through my yarn stash and take pictures and put them all in my ravelry stash. So my poor laptop is working over time. I also have yarn that I have NO clue what the brand name is anymore. I know what it is made of and such...but those can't be added to the stash.
My knitting projects are as follow...I finished a cute little shrug for Aspen to wear on Easter. SO easy! The pattern is HERE. I really enjoyed it...PLUS it's FREE! I'm working on my Ruffle Sweater. I'm hoping to bring that with me to Colorado and get it DONE! Especially if I don't bring anything else for me to do...but you know me I won't do that and I'll bring another project or two. ;)
I mentioned last time that I'm part of a quilting ministry at church. We were suppose to do strips for the quilt. Where we piece 12 blocks. The blocks are all 10 I just pressed all of the blocks and put them gently in the bag, shuffled pulled two out and sewed them together...then pressed and did the exact same thing over again. Then pressed and figured out how I should put the remaining join them all together. I think my strip turned out rather well and it was so very easy! :) Especially for this beginner quilter. Take a look at my strip...
I've also been helping an etsy shop called Handmade for Hope, you can check it out here. ALL the proceeds go to Enlace, an organization working to bring sustainable living to communities in El Salvador. Your purchase will help bring hope to someone in need of clean water, food and shelter. 100% of sales from this shop go directly to this cause. Please visit to find out more. So I'm making camera straps for it. She usually has key ring holders...I know I bought one for my mom and my two sisters this year for Christmas. So hopefully we will be able to stock up the store and get money for Enlace!
 With the Easter Season passing...I helped out with 2 different Egg Hunts. One at Des Moines University (the significant other's group put's it together) and there I took pictures of the Easter bunny with the kiddos and families. The other one was downtown Des Moines, called Eggs, Eggs Everywhere and that one was put on by our church, The Gateway Church. I registered people and then made people feel welcome and answered any questions they had. We also had a great Easter dinner at out house and it tasted SO lovely. It was even nice enough to dye eggs in the back table outside.

So...that is my blog would have been up a lot earlier BUT we ended up having some internet problems. Yeah internet problems.
Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow.

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