Saturday, April 21, 2012

One week in Colorado (PICTURE OVERLOAD!)

So we have just completed our first week in Colorado. We are in Denver area staying with Rick's parents. Rick is doing a rotation in Denver...he was there Tuesday-Friday. So here is our first week recap.
Saturday: trying to rest and get the kids used to seeing Grandpa Tom and Grandma Jean (it's different than a Skype call)
Sunday: church, lunch, a little shopping, hanging out
Monday: Rick had off on Monday so we went up to the Loveland Sculpture Garden (where Rick took me on our first date) It was just our family of four so we had are below

Tuesday: I drove Rick down to the clinic and picked up about 4 hours later. We actually drove down to Colorado Springs to see the Garden of the gods. Pictures below

For dinner we went to Castle Rock and meet up with Great Grandma Bobbie and Aunt Sue along with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Jean. But Rick took me to a yarn shop before dinner. (He knows me so well!) Pictures of the gang and such is below.

Wednesday: Rick drove himself down and back...the kids and I just hung out at the house, watching some kid shows, doing some letter work, playing outside with sidewalk chalk and bubbles.
Thursday: I drove Rick down to the clinic. The kids and I hung at the house for the morning and then had our lunch in the car and went to the Downtown Aquarium and then afterwards picked up Rick and drove back to the house. Pictures below from me and kiddos field trip.

 I pushed Zeke and then wore Aspen on my back in the Ergo...this is our family shot
 (Aspen's favorite thing to say was "woah" every time she saw something swim buy or move...)
 Friday: I drove Rick down and headed back to the house with the kids. Grandpa Tom & Grandma Jean got off early and we picked up Rick and then headed down to Colorado Springs to watch the Sky Sox game and fireworks. (Sorry no pictures...brought the camera but didn't take it out of the bag)
Today: Rick, Jean, the kids and I went to the Denver Zoo...had a blast! It's a lot of fun to be with family and enjoy memories together.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow...I think I will do a post all on it's own! And I'm going to leave you on your toes to figure out what we will be doing! :)

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