Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sunday of Fun!

Sunday we had a wonderful day here in Colorado...with Rick, Tom, Jean, Zeke and Aspen.
We wanted to visit some from friends from Christ Community Church in's where we used to go to church when we lived in Greeley. However we wanted to check out the new (well new to us) addition to the church it's called Zoe's. Check it out here... We enjoyed it and the kids had a good time in there little classes too. We even got to see our dear friends Phil and Nicole and decided to get together for dinner the week afterwards.
Then we went to eat lunch.
Then we went off to the mountains. We originally just talked about going to Estes Park and into Rocky Mountain National Park. However Rick wanted to take me to the place where he proposed to me to. Here are some of the pictures from our Sunday. From the proposal place to Rocky Mountain National Park, Zeke fell asleep. So we hardly have any pics of him. Here are the pictures from our Sunday... 
 Rick and Zeke at the trail head for the spot where Rick proposed...Zeke stayed with Grandma & Grandpa in the field/car.
Rick happy in the mountains...
 Rick and I at the spot where he proposed...6 years before that. 
The View...LOVELY!
We are in Rocky Mountain National Park...and Aspen LOVED looking at the animals...she was awed by the Elk
Morraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park...where Rick and I got's the grove of trees on the left. 

Rocky Mountain National Park
St Malo Church
 Aspen just wanted to climb and explore there...
 Rick and Aspen...Aspen loved being out of the car.
 Rick throwing Aspen in the air...Aspen LOVING it!

 On the way back to the house...we ended up seeing some cars stopped on the side of the road and then we found these Bighorn Sheep there...SO we stopped and took some pics too. 
 Then...something happened and SMACK a major head butt!
 Then the dazed feeling afterwards
 the one guy was off to the side for a while...he must of offended the others...
So that was Sunday...a fun day in the mountains with family!

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