Thursday, March 22, 2012

Now we have 4

4 days with being a "solo" mama. I love my wonderful kiddos. Let me tell you a little bit about what I did today...
Well the weather was off and on rain, the sun did try to peek through just a little bit, I enjoy the smell of the rain so with the windows open and every now and then the breeze comes in...the smell is what I think Heaven should smell like. :)
Aspen has been getting to the point of feeling better. She slept in past 8 this morning. She took one nap that was over four and half hours long. She LOVES her tea pot with her cup and will either carry those around to share a cup of tea with me OR she will carry around a book called the 10 Little Ladybugs. She is TOTALLY a girl though and will find anything that looks like a phone and then say "hello" in her cute little voice.  I'm very thankful that she is getting better. It was so sad to see her not feeling well and doing saline and suction with her is not her favorite thing...AT ALL so I'm happy to be done with that!
Ezekiel has been very well at sleeping in to 7 this morning...which I'm thinking is WONDERFUL (he usually wakes up earlier than that and I'm happy about that) He is loving the wonderful ability of hanging out with me when Aspen is napping. He says hi and even waves at the birds or squirrels that come by. It's quite funny. He is now saying hi and bye to people when they come to the house or even leave. So that is good. We have been playing with cars, chuggers, building towers, reading books, playing with bubbles, coloring,'s been loads of fun. He also loves putting on his clothes (as well as taking them off) OVER and OVER!
I have been sewing together a camera strap...for my Digital SLR. I've started working on some little knitted ruffle hats for the 2 littlest girls that were brought into our church family.
I'm sorry there are no's been a interesting days but not really for pictures.

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