Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The third day...

of hanging out with the chillin's. :) I love my kiddos!
I was able to take some pictures of my finished knitting projects...I think you will like them. :)
 Mustard the Monster you can find the more pics and the pattern HERE this current bad boy has NO home...What is going to come of Mustard?
 Simple Toddler Slouchy Beanie 
(this hat is going to find a new home and the money is going to funding an adoption)
 These are all newborn hats that are funding an adoption as well
 Multi colored, Multi textured hats for funding the adoption as well
 This is my Vintage Maplehurst Wrap(Shawl) you can find the pattern and more pictures Right Here
 These hats are for 2 Blye boys...you can find the pattern and more pictures HERE
My husband brought me a slouchy beanie book at the store the other day...this one is one that I did...it's not for Aspen she's just my model. :) it's going to be sold and funded for the adoption as well...you can find more pictures and the pattern ENTER HERE (it's reversible) 

So today...I had a friend come over and look at Zeke's old clothes for her son...I made $11! Played with puzzles, bake cookies...and soon going to make THIS, Bible Study is coming over early for it and it should be a blast...I'll let you know tomorrow how it worked out. We have also been enjoying the rainfall and the fresh spring air that it brings.
Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday and see you tomorrow! What should I post about???

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