Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 2...

of chillin' with the kiddos!
I believe that we had a great day with playing inside, playing outside, feeling the wind, seeing the birds, seeing green life grow, watching a movie, smelling the rain fall (yes it has a smell), eating good meals, taking a bath and other stuff. EXCEPT take pictures.
So there are no pictures...sorry...
Monday came to me at 7 this morning...LOVELY kids! Thanks for sleeping in!!! YEAH!
Seeing that Aspen only took 1 nap yesterday she needed to take a morning nap and an afternoon nap. Zeke is enjoying playing, coloring and seeing how things work. He loves being outside and playing outside with dirt, sticks and enjoys to squish bugs. He stops and smells the flowers every chance he gets. We have also been working some school work (letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc) since he is on spring break. I recently won a knitting pattern and I'm almost done with has some sewing items on and that just takes some time. So hopefully I will get that done and get pictures taken and up on the blog here about the things I have done...seeing that I have been lacking on showing pictures of my "off the needles" projects.
Well...Richard I miss you and the kids miss you! Have fun working with the Dr. Dee's (there are two of them) and have a GREAT time finding us a place to live! MWAH! I love you!

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