Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 1 of...

~ my last "solo" mama-hood of medical school. Meaning Rick left this morning for his last away rotation of medical school. Well technically he's going away on another rotation...however I'm 95% sure that the kids and I will be going with him.
So I'm hoping to get on the blog and say something about the day or something to that fact. :) Just so my husband knows that we are making it work with him finding a place for us to live when we get down in Florida.

Sunday...started off with dropping Rick off at the airport. Killed some time and then to the first service at the Gateway Church. Aspen hasn't been feeling well, so she got chill in the Ergo Carrier with me. :) Zeke had fun in his preschool class. Which was one of the reasons why I wanted to go to church. Zeke and I got to play outside and I got take some pictures and read...then inside for some sink time (meaning he plays in the water and washes his hands.) All of this Aspen is taking a nap...due to the face that she is getting over her illness. COMING up NEXT: Grocery shopping with 2 little kiddos! I have been making my list all day SO I'm very ready at least with my list.

Some pictures from today...

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