Thursday, January 29, 2009

Captured the moment!

Here is a video (really for my mom!) Sorry mom it's not on your phone. Maybe I will get it a little later. We had 3 minutes of video and snipped and put this video together.

Hope you have a fantastic Thursday! 


  1. Now that was a wonderful way to start my morning!! What a sweet video. Thank you for sharing!

    Do you like your new nanny job??

  2. OH he is precious!

    Thanks for sharing the video!

    Thanks for joining me on our journey to follow close after God!

    In His amazing grace,

    Do you nanny at your home with your son or bring him with you?

  3. Oh... what FUN!!! So glad you captured that... you'll never regret it. So precious... I can't say it enough... he'll darling.

  4. Sorry, I meant "HE'S darling"! Oops.


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