Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today is Tuesday and the date is the 27th of January!

That is a LONG thankful list…I really don’t think I can make a list that doesn’t repeat from the past two weeks.

When I started posting this it was before the midnight deadline (I gave myself)...then I added pictures...all well such is life...Now off to bed I go. I should have been there hours ago.

1) Thankful for a nanny job for 2 beautiful little girls, 6 & 2 yrs old.

2) Thankful that I can support and encourage my husband during difficult times.

3) Thankful that I can pray for my little Ezekiel’s future spouse.

4) Thankful for my brother-in-law (David) who serves our country and secures our freedom.

5) Thankful for God who sent his only Son, Jesus to this World to die for my sins and those around me.

6) Thankful for a place to call “home” when it is cold outside.

7) Thankful for the Bible which is God-breathed…

8) …and the ability to read, understand and want to live by it. (God’s Word)

9) Thankful for a GREAT church family where they stir me on to be in God’s Word DAILY!!!

10) Thankful that Z is learning new things like blowing Raspberries and watching the “fountain” of spit fly into the air.

11) Thankful for Energy to heat the apartment so we don’t freeze in -3 degree weather.

12) Thankful for the Missionaries world wide that spread God’s Word and live in the cultures they are trying to reach.

13) Thankful for people who long to serve God’s calling of the Great Commission…Pete over in Cambodia that one is for you! Praying for you often Brother!

14) Oh did I mention that I am thankful for a nanny job where the family I am working for are Christians!

15) Thankful for the love to read…I love to read anything really! (not a big reading the News person…that is one of the reasons I married Rick so he can tell me about the news)

16) Thankful for a happy (when he wants to be), growing, smiley, handsome little boy.

17) Thankful for the internet and the ability to contact people in a blink of an eye.

18) Thankful for a wonderful family who encourages me even in the rough times.

19) Thankful for a business (Gold Canyon) where I can sell great products and have FUN doing it…really if you would like to make some extra bucks let me know…I can send stuff to you! Check out for my website.

20) Thankful for Friday nights where we get to hang out as a family and usually with some friends too.

21) Thankful for clothes that keep me warm (even though that means washing and drying clothes)

22) Thankful for the ability to recall a memory just by looking at a photograph.

23) Thankful for 2 ears so I can listen and be there for people to “vent” to.

24) Thankful for a good laugh and the ability to smile.

25) Thankful for good friends to explain my desires and dreams to.

26) Thankful that GOD provides…he is my Jehovah Jireh!

27) And one more time…thankful for a job where I can take my little Ezekiel to!

My little Broncos fan eating his Rice Cereal. He has even got it on his eye lash if you look close enough.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats on the job!! :)

  2. you found a job! that's great! I'm so happy for you, it sounds perfect.


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