Friday, January 23, 2009

fPhoto Friday

Today is again Friday! I like Friday's...because it generally means that Rick might be home more but I don't really think that this weekend it is not the case.
Also it is fPhoto Friday and along with a little story about today's play date.
Here Z is eating his's one of his favorite places to be. Sitting in my lap and eating his fingers.
We are at Backyard Adventures on a play date. We went with 2 of the families that are from our church. There is a total of 3 babies and 3 a little bit older kids. The babies are all 3 months apart and it is just amazing the difference that they can do or can't do. Down below are the other babies...
On the Left is Obadiah

On the Right is Eliot

Below is also a picture of Ezekiel in a playground swing for the first time...He looks really small in it! His shirt says Handsome ~ Good looks run in the family.
Hope you all have a GREAT Friday and if you would like to see more fPhoto Friday please check out Natalie at Married to the Preacher


  1. So precious! They are all dolls! I have three cousins who also have babies. All four babies are 2 months apart. It makes things very interesting when we are all together, and really helps us all out to have someone who knows what we are dealing with!

  2. So sweet, as always! It really is amazing to see how much they will change in just 3 or 6 months, isn't it. :o)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Those fingers must be really good! He has such a precious face! Thanks for your pictures today!

  4. What a SWEET little boy :O) Did he enjoy his adventure??


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