Monday, February 2, 2009

Today is the day!

And I will rejoice and be glad in it!
First off I don't remember when I was up this early (5:30 am) without nursing Z or on my own accord. I start my new job today and had a free hand to write. It's basically a prayer, I hope that if you think of me this week you will pray it for me as well.
"Dear Lord, I thank you for giving me this job in the first place, where I can do work and minister to a family. I ask that you help me stay awake and alert while I am driving (30 min) to work, I ask that you use this time so I can get in touch with you on a deeper level. I ask that my words will be your words and I will be able to guide these two little girls as their parents see fit. I ask that you allow me to have the fruits of the spirit everyday (but an extra dose because this week is going to be rough). Now about my little one who gets to come with me. I just pray for Z and ask that you help him as we start this new timing of everything. That you help him as we travel and as he "shares" me with two other kids. Lord, just let me be a blessing to this family and help me do my job as unto You. In your Holy name, Amen."
Well thanks for reading. Now I am off to finish getting ready.

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