Monday, February 9, 2009

About the OMM Fellowship

No we do not know if Rick got the fellowship but for those that want to know more about it here you are...
Some duties Rick will be responsible for...
...teaching OMM techniques to first and second year Medical School Students
...seeing patients in the DMU OMM clinic. (FYI: I saw an OMM fellow & doc in the clinic through out my pregnancy and it was WONDERFUL!!!) lectures for students a research project
...sign off on treatments for community events

We know this adds one more year of Rick's school but it also helps him become a better doctor in the long run. He thinks he will use OMM in his future practice and would love the ability learn more about OMM from the 5 different doctors. Although he had is interview on Saturday he won't find out until March 3rd. So please pray for the doctors, current fellows and us to make the right decision on if this Fellowship will be the best move for Rick and our future as a family.
Thank you so much for your prayers and we thank you and will keep this blog informed of our future plans so stay updated please!

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