Saturday, October 3, 2009

When it rains it pours...

So we are on day 8 without Rick/Daddy.
I am going to be back tracking a little bit here...but this has been my life in the past 9 days.
Last Friday...I was up and ready to go weigh in. I went to take a load out to the car and then I figured out my keys to the car were in the car. UGH! (Luckily Rick didn't leave yet so I was able to get them out when he came home)
This past Wednesday night I made it to church and then I went out the car and it wouldn't start...We tried jumping it but still no luck. SO we had to leave the car there (I got a ride from my wonderful friend Dawn) Thursday morning a couple men from church looked at the car and decided that it needed a new battery. Luckily Dawn gave me a ride back to the church to pick up the car.
TODAY...I discovered when I came home last night that I left the garage door opener in the car and shut the door with the manual button right inside the door. SO I am stuck at my house until I can get the door open or repaired. That is not all of it either...when I went to check the garage see if I could figure a way to open it without the opener. I kept "Z" inside (because it was cold out) I shut the door and "Z" must have messed with the door nob and locked the door. Did I have my house key with me? NOPE, I had to go through the window!
So it's been a rather trying time for me.
I will post more stuff later today...with pictures.

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