Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Button-Flap Hat...

So I started a new knitting project on Tuesday evening...and was able to finish it today! YEAH!!!
I got the yarn with my Mother-In-Law when we had our Christmas in Omaha at Personal Threads. I ended up finding it on Clearance and fell in love with the deep green and the high quality of the fiber. It's a Rowan brand and it's 100% Merino Wool...It was OH SO FUN to work with! it is the Button-Flap Hat!
Here is it on me!
Sitting on the table
Here is the top view of the hat.
Here is the Z-Man being a model...or he doesn't want to be a model

I do have a couple questions for you...have you checked out my husbands and I crafty blog? You should become a follower of that!!! We are having a give-away as soon as we have enough followers!
Also...knowing that this is very high quality fiber (or yarn) how much would you pay for a hat like this...I am trying to come up with a price list for the items I am trying to sell on the crafty blog...

Thanks for reading...I hope you all had a great Saturday...mine was peaceful! I am excited though...1 more week then I can go pick up my husband at the airport. He has 1 more week in his Pediatric Rotation in Florida.

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