Wednesday, January 20, 2010

20 things for the 20th...

No I don't think I will do this every month...BUT I thought today would be nice.
Seeing that I wanted to blog today BUT really didn't know what to blog about.
20 random things...all right some of them aren't so random...
1) I have a 17 month old little boy TODAY!!! I really can't believe that he is that old! (I am sure I will get to more stuff about him more in my 20 things...)
2) I have completed or started 8 out of the 10 things from The 10 on the 10th Blog...6 of the things are actually done...such as the taking down decorations, rearranging the furniture and being crafty.
3) It's REALLY hard to try to do some stuff (such as cleaning or unpacking with a 17 month old)
4) I'm sort of in a rut...I really miss my husband (he comes back on Saturday!), this weather is really not helping & I really need to kick the rut out of my life!!!
5) I LOVE creating knitting, by painting, by photography...
6) The 17 month old that "runs" this house dances every time music actually gets played.
7) Really likes listening to Pandora Radio at Pandora! have to set up a profile but then you can set up your own radio stations based on music that you like listening well as finding friends and "stealing" their radio stations...
8) Trying to find a job where I can earn income for my family & take my son with SO hard to find. Please pray for me!
9) I am really liking the new layout of the condo...
10) My husband will be starting his Psychiatry rotation on Monday...I am pretty excited about it because maybe he can tell me what is wrong with me. ha ha!
11) Here are some places I go on the internet every day...Facebook, Ravelry, and Blogs.
12) I am so thankful for my church family...when I got back from Florida our heater was broken. I ended up coming home on a Sunday. After many, many phone calls one dear family came to my rescue. One man volunteered his time to fix the heater and his father volunteered a part...So thank you dear Emmert family!!!
13) My dear son calls every animal "bah"...he sees a dog and says "bah"...he sees a cat and says "bah" Every time I correct him he will sometimes say the first letter of the word but will go back to say "bah"
14) I hate to do 2 of my son back to back...BUT he sure does make me laugh, if he hasn't seen me in a little bit he comes to find me and then he makes funny faces and sounds to get me to look at him.
15) I really, Really, REALLY LOVE Skype...the basic model is FREE. It's great for a family to see a loved one via a web cam. The funny thing is when I am on and I get a call..."Z" comes running over to see who is on the computer!
16) Why did I do 20 of these things? This is not as easy as what I thought it would be...
17) I have discovered that I really like the MOPS's a lot of fun!
18) I DIS-like teething. "Z" has been working on his last molar of the 1 year old molars. GRR!!!
19) I am getting back into the word using this Bible Reading Guide from Discipleship Journal what I really like about it is that it's set up a month in 25 different days (that way you feel that you don't have to catch up a day if you miss a day)
20) I am so blessed...GOD has blessed me in so many different ways! I am thankful for God's Mercy, Grace & Love (amongst other things) that He showers upon me every day!

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  1. You know what? Three days after my son turned 17 months old, I had another baby!!! Can you imagine? They're 17 mos apart, and my life was pretty crazy for awhile!

    BTW, you're very handy with those knitting needles. Wow! Love your hats.

    And MOPS? It was my lifeline for many years. I loved it and was sorta sad to give it up when that time came.


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