Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flight Status...

The longest time I have EVER spent in a airport. That was yesterday...
My flight was scheduled to leave at 6:15pm. Rick dropped us off at 4:45 at the airport. Actually he came in and helped me get the luggage and car seat checked and then he played with "Z" a little bit before we left (after all he didn't see him at all yesterday).
So I got through security filled up my water bottle and "Z's" cup with water and got myself a Diet Pepsi (because I knew that I needed some caffeine.). We found a spot and I broke out some snack stuff. There wasn't a lot of people there around the gate and "Z" just roamed around trying to get anybody to give him the time of day.
At 5:30pm they came on and made an announcement that the plane had some mechanical problem and the flight wasn't going to make it to Des Moines (from Orlando) until 7:30 and we could begin boarding at 8:00pm.
We fly Allegiant Air because they are cheap, non-stop flights from Des Moines to Orlando. It's great when traveling with little ones. From Des Moines they go to Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, Tampa Bay/St. Pete's & Daytona Beach. All destination areas for vacation. At Des Moines, Allegiant Air only has 1 gate there...
Some days they have two flights that fly out of Des Moines, the first one is scheduled for Orlando and the second one scheduled for Los Angeles. HOWEVER, yesterday the flight that came in first was the one for Los Angeles while that plane was de-boarding the passengers heading to Des Moines the flight from Orlando arrived and just waited there. (I really feel sorry for those passengers...#1 they had to be delayed due to mechanical errors and #2 they had to wait ON THE PLANE while the other plane de-boarded and boarded for Los Angeles.)
SO "Z" & I were on the plane going to Orlando at 9:55 pm...We were suppose to start boarding at 5:45 pm!!! That was a very long time to keep a 20 month old busy. We did a couple laps around the airport, he ran free at one of the gates that didn't have hardly anyone there, he met lots of new people, he ran into the men's restroom 2 times...YES 2 times!!! People are so nice when they notice a mom traveling alone with her son. Some men went out of their way to go in and get him. The second time I was not so lucky and a guy called from inside the bathroom going hey no one is doing anything in here you can come in and get him...that was the LAST thing I wanted to see the inside of the Men's Restroom.
When we were boarded and then we finally took off I was relieved and HOPING that he would just be SO tired from running around the airport that he would just fall right asleep after all it's way past his bed time. I think he was just SHOCKED and beyond tired he just fought it. But there is a mighty God who hears my prayers and sent an angel on board the flight. He was a pilot for the airline but not flying this plane...he has actually traveled with us before. He went and asked if he could try I GLADLY gave up my son after all he couldn't have left the plane with him. :) And he was able to stand where I could not stand due to his job. He rocked my son to sleep...and brought him back. I wish I had 100 dollars no wait more than that I would have given that man a huge tip for doing that. He was I believe a true Angel or else he had a HUGE headache. But I was truly blessed by that man on the flight.
We finally landed at 12:33 am (Eastern Standard time)!!! Then we walked through and empty air port. While we were waiting to hop on the shuttle to baggage claim a women (from our flight) looked at "Z" and wanted to get him out of the stroller. SHE certainly had some "special" beverages on that flight. I told her that I didn't want him out of the stroller knowing how hard it would be put him back in there. She was like that doesn't matter and she was going to proceed to take him out of the stroller. I moved the stroller put up my hand and said in my most polite voice Ma'am please do not take him out of the stroller, I really don't think that would be a good idea and started walking away from her.
We then got on the shuttle, and made our way to baggage claim and there my mom or "Z's" Grammy was waiting for us...and I got what I wanted for over 4 hours a BIG hug from my MOM. All was right with the world. :)
Thanks for reading this really LONG post about my airport & flight woes. PLEASE pray for us on Monday May 3rd we will be traveling back to Des Moines from Orlando...pray for NO mechanical problems or other delays, a great plane ride there & that there will be no other plane at our Des Moines gate. :)
Thanks and stay tuned tomorrow will be another post about FLORIDA and the fun we are having.


  1. Whoa! Crazy flight story! That is amazing about the pilot putting him to sleep! How sweet!
    Praying your trip home is more timely! :)

  2. BLESS YOU! I felt tired just reading about it.

    Glad you're safe. Have fun!!!

  3. All I can say is, what a story! I'm glad you are safe and I'm thankful for the angels, both human and heavelenly, that God sends. Have a great time with your folks. :-)

  4. Well at least you didn't have to sleep at the airport. We had to spend the night in an airport, well actually I've done that more than once but one time I was 8 months pregnant! However, even though that was icky and uncomfortable, it was probably still easier than keeping a tired 20 month old entertained :)

    That's crazy about the lady wanting to take him out of the stroller!

    Hope you get all rested and relaxed in FL


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