Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The return flight home...

Well first off I wanted to thank you for your prayers on Monday...Because this flight was SO much easier all around.
My dad dropped me & "Z" off at the airport in Orlando. The check in line wasn't bad, so that seemed easy to go through. My dad was with me until we got to the security line. We said our good byes. Luckily they (my parents & youngest sister) will be making a trip here in we knew that we would see each other fairly soon. :) Because of "Z" being a stroller they had a specific family line (it was by far the LONGEST line there) We made it through security and then I gave "Z" his medicine. We filled up our water bottles with water from the drinking fountain and went to the gate...they were already boarding the plane! We had no line to wait in! We just boarded. We had 2 empty seats next to us too! "Z" ended up falling asleep during take off and he slept through out the WHOLE flight (even after we landed and went to the gate he was still sleeping!) He finally started to wake up as we were walking through the airport. Then he was so excited to see his dad!!! So was I!
I will post sometime in the next day or two with our Florida adventures.

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