Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Rapp's were Dutch...for a day...

This past Saturday we (Rick, "Z" & myself) went to Pella, IA. We have had a peak in the flowers in central Iowa. Trees were blossoming and tulips were popping with color and life. So we thought that by the time I went to Florida (which that is where I'm at now) and back the tulips would be just stems. SO I checked with Rick to make sure he wanted to go and he said sure why not. After all Rick likes to takes drives.
So Rick had an OFL (Osteopathic Finish Line) in the morning. OFL's are where the D.O students go to a race (like a Race for the Cure, Drake Relays, and other such races) and they work on the people after they have done the race. Then when he came home he was like we need to run to the store to get some stuff. So he picked one of the busiest places on a Saturday...Costco! I mean it's a great place to find great deals however it is one of the busiest places on the weekend. We ended up dropping off food at the house and then heading down to Pella...
"Z" took his nap in the car on the way down there. When we got there first we checked one of the local bakeries. It was just one of the first places that someone told us to go to at one point and we like it so we don't try the other one. The bakery we choose is...Jaarsma Bakery. We got "Z" a Dutch letter, if you don't know what it is...check out HERE, Rick got this BIG frosted colored tulip sugar cookie & I had a cookie bar that had different toppings on that made it taste like Peanut Butter & Chocolate. "Z" was not very happy...he was getting his 3rd canine tooth. Rick decided to let me take the camera & take pictures and he took "Z", gave him some medicine and let him "cool" down a bit.
Well here is the reason why you look at the blog...is to see pictures. Here are some of my favorite pictures. Please do not use without my permission...thank you very much.
And here are some pictures with people in them...Z finally was feeling better :)

I did take over 100 photos...and you are more than welcome to take a look at them HERE!!!
I hope that you had a blessed weekend. Stay tuned for more of "Z's" & my travels to Florida and the adventures we will have.

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  1. Those are GREAT flower photos, Katrina! And I've never had a Dutch letter, but I've had plenty of "almond patties" which sound similar-- almond paste wrapped in flaky pastry-ness. Yummy!! (I'm half dutch, my mom is from NW Iowa)


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