Sunday, April 25, 2010

it's been a long time...

Well I'm sorry blog readers & friends that it's been a long time. I'm also sorry for the amount of post that will follow as well. :) I'm thinking that there might be a lot coming up or maybe just 1 more...
But I did want you to know about what was so Random about me being so Crazy Life.
On Monday, Rick started his OMM Fellowship rotation. This will last until August 28. During this time he will be actually helping the OMM doctors; seeing patients, listening to special seminars, and doing other fun stuff (well it might not be fun to some of us but to a medical student it will be fun).
During this time, I will be able to come and see him at lunch time. So I'm excited about that. PLUS the doctor that he is specifically working is my OMM doctor so when go do my prenatal OMM appointments he will be there and learn how to "fix" me in between doctor visits. Although as my dear little son comes into the appointment I'm just not sure how he will be. Hopefully he will be doing better than the last couple times he has gone to the doctors with me.
This post is not going to be as exciting as the next one...I'm sorry for that.
I've also learned that here in Iowa the flowers are at the peak season or will be there within the next couple days. So my next post is all about that.
I've also been knitting baby booties. Someone has ordered a baby hat and baby booties from Crafted Together. I'm just waiting on the YARN I ordered over 2 weeks ago!!! So I have been making some with other yarn, just so that I have done the patterns that way I don't mess up with the order. :)
Tomorrow, Z-Man & I will be traveling to Florida for a week. So excited about seeing my parents & sister. So I'm off of the computer for a little bit to do some making of list to pack. (It helps me not over pack)

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