Saturday, September 11, 2010

30 days of Me...

I'll go ahead and do what I'm suppose to do for the 30 days of Me.
However, I just don't feel that it should be the first thing that I blog about. There is this thing that happened 9 years ago...when we as Americans feel victimized by terror. (At least that is the way I felt.) There was something that caught my eye today though...Something that President Barack Obama said "For our nation, this is a day of remembrance, a day of reflection, and -- with God's grace -- a day of unity and renewal."
For me today is about a day of remembrance and wanting to honor those men and women (and families) who have lost their lives as well as the men and women who helped us through the trouble times.
I continue to remember what a wonderful country I live in...those men and women who serve in the Military (it doesn't matter what branch), the police department, the fire department, the emergency responders, etc. Without these men and women and their families that serve our country...we would not be who we are. United States of America is a country where we have the rights and being in the land of the Free...But our Freedom doesn't come without Sacrifice from those men and women (and their families) that serve our Country. I wanted to share with you with some pictures of my Brother (in-law) David...I love the fact that he is sacrificing his life in the Army.(The men that work with David)David and his Wife (my Sister...Caroline) Please pray for the Troops and their families daily and send them your support in ANY way you can!

Now here is the 30 Days of Me! Here are some pictures of me and my friends...I really don't have any pics on my computer SO I raided Facebook. :)The ladies that I got to work with at Camp Redcloud. Day Camp Staff at Beulah Beach it was the greatest staff that I have worked with and was able to lead.

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