Saturday, September 4, 2010

Clear Creek Falls...

So this Medical Rotation for Rick is a little different then the other ones that he does. At the Lake City Medical Center they have they have one Doctor and one Nurse Practitioner. The Doctor actually works on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and the Nurse Practitioner works Tuesday through Friday. So Rick's schedule is Thursday through Monday with Tuesday and Wednesday on Wednesday after we had our picnic lunch by the park we decided to take a drive to
visit Clear Creek Falls (which is in the Rio Grande National Park)

So this is why Clear Creek Falls is so out of the ordinary...
1) you really wouldn't think that it would be there at all by looking around and seeing a flat range land.
2) Rick's first picture he saw of me (my profile pic on eHarmony) I was standing in front of the falls.
3) we have taken many of "dates" to the falls...
Here are some pictures of the I said before about the Black Canyon National Park (I used the old school film these pics are actually taken by my husband)
These I took...this is the view from behind the fallsWe are hoping to come back towards the end of the our 4 weeks here...and HOPEFULLY all these Aspens are going to be a variety of fall colors!

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